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Graphic Design

Mokum Glas in Lood

  • Category: Web design
  • Client: Mokum Glas in Lood
  • Project date: January 2024

Stain glass company based in Amsterdam.
The assignment involved enhancing the outdated website with a modern yet minimalistic design, focusing on a "what you see is what you get" approach. Additionally, the redesign needed to ensure responsiveness and user-friendliness.

Calin d'Ours

  • Category: Logo Design, web design, marketing.
  • Client: C├ólin d'Ours
  • Project date: Current project

Calin d'ours, a startup company in alcoholic beverages and merchandise.

Weesper Cleanup

  • Category: Logo Design
  • Client: Weesper Cleanup
  • Project date: February 2024

Voluntary clean up group in the village Weesp, Holland. The logo includes the flag of Weesp,
architecture of Weesp and Amsterdam (Weesp is part of Amsterdam), spraks of cleaning and a recycling arrow.

PACE hiking

  • Category: Brand creation
  • Client: LOI
  • Project date: July, 2023

Pace Hiking, an educational graphic design project where I crafted a comprehensive brand identity. Assigned to create a brand and logo for an organization supporting middle-aged women in sports, with a focus on hiking, mental health, and adventure.

I developed the brand's visual elements, including the logo, website, brochure, business cards, envelopes, and other printables. This holistic approach ensured a cohesive and impactful representation of Pace Hiking, showcasing its dedication to empowering women in sports and promoting well-being through outdoor adventures.

Natural interior design

  • Category: Brochures
  • Client: LOI
  • Project date: May, 2023

These brochures were made for the graphic design education project, the task involved creating both offline (CMYK) and online versions of an interior design magazine using Adobe InDesign.
The online RGB version is an interactive PDF and has animated elemenents.

VST plugin

  • Category: DAW plugin software
  • Client: Private
  • Project date: Jan, 2024

This is the VST plugin version for the Revox A77 MKIV taperecorder.
The project is in development.

RogerThat Guitar Pedals

  • Category: Branding
  • Client: RogerThat
  • Project date: July, 2019

RogerThat, specializing in guitar pedals and audio electronics, boasts a meticulously crafted brand identity.
I played a key role in designing the distinctive logo, product aesthetics, website, and a comprehensive marketing plan. The logo serves as a visual ambassador, while the products seamlessly blend form and function. The website provides an engaging digital platform, aligned with the brand's identity.
The marketing plan, strategically devised, enhances visibility and resonates with the target audience. Together, these elements contribute to a compelling and unified brand presence for RogerThat in the competitive audio electronics market.

Book cover and layout

    • Category: Books
    • Client: Personal project
    • Project dates: 2020

This is a book I wrote during the corona pandemic. It is about audio engineering full with tips and tricks. The layout was made in Adobe Indesign and the cover was designed in Photoshop. It is supposed to resemble an audio VU bar as in a reference to levels and loudness.

A wedding in Ireland

    • Category: Wedding material
    • Client: Private
    • Project date: April, 2023

The design of the wedding invitations, a wedding logo, a bookmark, a pencil, a pick, thank-you cards and the wedding website built with bootstrap.

The main theme was nature and the Croagh Patrick mountain where it was set.



Amsterdam, Holland