The Distortion MKII pedal is designed to have a clear high gain sound, an aggressive attack, low noise and a wide audio spectrum.

The Luminus is an active equalizer that gives a bandwidth-boost to your tone. A spectrum of warmth and clarity will make your sound will huge and alive.

The FX Glow is a high-end level booster with a built in FX loop. That means that you can use it on your amps serial loop (to level boost your solo for example).

With the Swap Box you can switch the order of 2 effects (chains) or pedals.
For Example, you can connect a tubescreamer to the A side and a booster to the B side.
When you press the switch the order will change.

The RogerThat Delay is a clear digital delay.
Its key feature is that the delay effect doesn't change anything about your guitar sound, it just adds delay.