The RogerThat™ Delay is a very clear digital delay. Its key feature is that the delay effect doesn't change anything about your guitar sound, it just adds delay.
By adjusting the delay and repeat potentiometers you can change the amount and time of the delay.
The pedal is build in a "road-tough" heavy duty metal case.


  • True bypass
  • Adjustment of time and repetitions
  • Max delay time 550ms
  • 100% Hand made
  • Neutrik connectors
Designer’s note: The RogerThat™ Delay is designed to just add delay to your guitar sound with a slight amount of drive. This will make your sound burst out just a bit more when the pedal is activated. Apart from that is does not affect the color of your sound at all. The chip used in the delay is the PT2399 which has a maximum delay time of 550ms.

€ 159,- (incl. VAT)
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