Custom electronics

RogerThat™ also offers custom electronics on demand.
This can be anything from replacing a potentio meter to building sound isolated recording booths.

In the past the following duties have been performed:

  • Modifying pedals to true bypass
  • Building isolation cabinets for recording guitar at home
  • Custom pedals and modifications on request
  • Studio equalizers & compressors
  • Custom pedals on request
  • Fixing patchbays in studio's (on location)
  • Production of PCB's

The Twin-Paradox

The Twin Paradox is custom build pedal made to the demands of John McRis (
It is a double effect pedal with a tubescreamer and a booster (with an FX loop).

The pedal has 2 special modes:

Swap mode:

Swap mode means the pedal is connected with 2 jacks. When you pull the toggle switch, the order of both effects changes.

Seperate mode:

In seperate mode means the pedal is connected with 4 jacks. In this modus the tubescreamer and the booster work as seperate pedals.

The Twin Paradox costs €299,-


The 19" Modular Multi FX

The 19" Modular Multi FX is the complete system for any performing and/or recording musician. It's a 19" 3U aluminium frame with a master section and a power supply. You can order seperate effects (RogerThat™- and other famous pedals) which you can 'click' in the frame by connecting 2 cables. Your guitar signal will ONLY be send to an effect when the effect is activated. This way you'll have a minimum loss of signal since there is no shorter way to connect so many effects.

By setting dipswitches on the main board you can assign effects groups to the 3- or 5-channel footboard. This means you can switch multiple effects by one footclick!
There are up to 5 different effects groups available (or just a single effect as well).
Apart from that you can use your favorite other stompboxes too. Just connect them in the effect chain by using a special channel for external pedals (with just 2 jacks).

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Some of its features are:
  • Signal only send to effect when effect is activated
  • All common effects available
  • Switch effect(groups) with 3/5 channel footboard by adjustable jumpers on the main board
  • Use the same effect in different groups
  • 2nd controllable output volume
  • DI (balanced) out
  • USB out (direct recording on computer)
  • Re-Amp in
  • Headphone output
  • Connect other existing stompboxes (external) and control them with the 5 channel-footboard
  • FX loop on output

Some of the available effects:
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Screamer 808
  • Distortion DX
  • Fuzz Face
  • Phaser 90
  • Booster
  • F-Expander
  • 3 Channel Equalizer
  • Ledbar
  • Extension channel for other stompboxes