The Chorus is a true bypass chorus pedal with a warm and vintage-like sound suitable for any style. By adjusting the depth and rate pot you can get sounds from the classic 12-string sound to a freaky LFO vibrato. The ON/OFF led blinks at the speed of the LFO so you always know the set speed rate.


  • True bypass
  • Full analog
  • Rate potmeter
  • Depth potmeter
  • Mix potmeter (in normal version)
  • Volume potmeter
  • ON/OFF led that blinks at the LFO speed
  • 100% Hand made
  • Neutrik connectors
Designer’s note: The RogerThat™ Chorus is designed to give you a wet and watery sound when you play ‘clean’ stuff. The chorus effect itself you can push very far, even up to a point where your guitar will sound sort of out of tune due to the wobbly chorus . When used together with a distortion pedal it will give a round and solid chorus sound.

€ 159,- (incl. VAT)
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